Transferring Sensor Data.

Helllo there!
Firstly, I’m giving the hardware which is beaglebone Black and the Weather cape. Basically, I need to retrieve the sensor value from the Weather Cape therefore I mount the Weather Cape to the BeagleBone Black. That’s how i managed to get my sensor value with the code that i type.
The code is for sensor in /sys/bus/i2c/devices/i2c-1//_input; do echo -n "$(basename $sensor): "; cat $sensor; done

when i key in the code above , the result display as below :

lux1_input: 121
humidity1_input: 58476
temp1_input: 25297
pressure0_input: 99590
temp0_input: 250

Therefore i need to store all this value in a database records and the application i’m using is visual studio ,sql database server.
As we know the value of the sensor might keeep changing therefore I need the application to run every 30s and updated the lastest value into the database itself.

Do you have the simplest way to do it?

Best Regards,