Transparent X cursor

Hi , i m trying to disable or hide X cursor on angstrom X display boot screen.
Its showing ugly big X cursor , i m going to do touch screen for my beagle and hide all cursors.
I couldnt find any way to hide it , please help me... :S

I would like to know the answer to this one .. for Angstrom.
I have tried many utils to do it, but to no avail.


If you use matchbox-wm in angstrom it will automatically hide your cursor and in enlightenment and gnome you can configure a custom cursor.

Yeah, that is what I am using.
It's just that there is a time during boot where the cursor appears
and for the sake of a clean boot, it would be good to remove that.


you may try xsetroot to use a transparent cursor at very early stage
before WM coming up.
some hint here:

there is no command xsetroot on beagleboard angstrom OS

how can we add xsetroot command on beagleboard ?
if someone have , can someone upload it to rapidshare or source ?