Trigger video camera with Beaglebone

I need to video a process closely (but not absolutely) synchronized with data collection. In outline form, I’m thinking of it this way. This won’t be in a production system. It’s for lab-based R&D.

  1. Set GPIO output high which starts the video camera.
  2. Start reading analog sensors and storing data.
  3. Stop reading data
  4. Stop camera.

Very simple really. I don’t want to store or read the video with the BeagleBone. I’ll be satisfied with the camera storing its data on its own media so long as there’s a timestamp with it. An LED comes on in the field of view when the process starts.

I’ve Googled for solutions like this and GoPro’s seem to be one option but they seem to require some extra gear ($$$).

If you’ve done something like this or have other suggestions for how to do this, I’d like to hear from you!


Hi @WalterCEden

there are some cameras - in general action cams like sjccam for instance, you can command start/stop video and pictures using pwm pulses - and they are cheaper than GoPro.

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