Try to compile dcraw for BeagleBone

For anyone who might be interested, I would like to share some of my experience about “dcraw”.

If you like photography and have been used any DSLR/CSC, you might be familiar with the “RAW” photos. RAW is the original image data obtained from the CMOS/CCD through ADC, so it usually contains some extra information than the compressed Jpeg.

“dcraw” is an open-source software to transform the RAW photos to “common-type” image files, e.g. “TIFF”. You may download the complete source code here:

The command to compile it is also very simple:

gcc -o dcraw -O4 dcraw.c -lm -DNODEPS

This may take some time and generate some warnings. I have successfully compiled it and even tried it with one of my photos. The speed is not quite impressive though. When I use: “dcraw -v +M -w -o 1 -q 3 -T IMGP0096.DNG” to export one RAW photo from 16MP Pentax K-50, it took about 100 seconds, more than ten times slower than my computer, as expected.