Trying SPI patch

I’m trying to put spi on the expansion connector. I got a rev C4 BB.

I used “bitbake/oe” and I followed this link [1].

I try bitbake nano and then bitbake console-image [2]. Then in {OE_ROOT}/tmp/deploy/glibc/images/beagleboard I got the uImage. The uImage works perfect.
Now, I want to add the SPI-patch from [3] to my environment.

How can I add the patch and then rebuild the kernel?.

I read something like “bitbake -c rebuild XXXX”, but I don’t know what is XXXX :(.

[1] to start developing.

thank you.

Do bitbake virtual/kernel -c patch
Then in /{OE_ROOT}/tmp/work there will be the kernel sources to be compiled. Apply the patch there and then do /bitbake virtual/kernel -c compile, or just bitbake virtual/kernel (it should continue to the next task after patching automatically)

The patch [3] has an error though, the clk lines should be inputs.
Report back if it works for you, I haven't had any luck with spi yet, the muxing seems to be wrong. Some say that muxing is broken in the kernel and you should do it in u-boot, but I haven't tried it yet


daicav wrote:

I'm working on bringing my board up again as we speak on 2.6.37. I'll
update the instruction and patch as soon as I finish (hopefully
tonight). Cheers,

- Ben

Thank you Giannis.

My pin configuration was changed on the u-boot.

On /{OE_ROOT}/tmp/work I got the kernel source.
The patch may be applied on arch/arm/mach-omap2/board-omap3beagle.c but can’t find this place.

Today I will work on it, I appreciate the help.