Trying to Build Capes and Looking for Community Resources/Assembly Requirements


Currently, I have a couple posts about building Capes out right now. This post and another one in this forum has been opened. Some background, the other post (not this one) is a bit dated and can be revived if necessary. It states things are on hold for now.

W/ what has happened lately due to shortages and things, the Cape making process has never really stopped in my mind but I have been hindered by outsourcing and odd questions for retail assemblers and mfg. businesses.

I went into the Libera.Chat via a client today to ask around for ideas and to start a discussion. Anyway, it is late now and people are not active so far in the chat. So, I am reaching out here.

Has anyone been asked to provide the number of holes in the daughter card they were trying to produce?

I am googling online for local and national mfg. assemblers and am coming up short for some reason. Anyway, before I outsource to Japan or Germany or who knows where, I want to try to deal w/ someone local in the state or Southern most states.

If you know of a mfg. assembler for PCBs, I am open to discussion or at least having to read your ideas on available assemblers in the USA. I found a place that I am dealing w/ right now. They are a bit pricy since I am an individual that only needs so many made to start.

So, I am here asking for feedback from the community on what is a norm for accessing these types of mfg. assemblers and the questions that may arise...


P.S. I do not need assembly of PCBs of more than five right now. Three or five daughter cards would be suffice for starters. I understand that things transpire and people change ideas involving mfg, the regs, and funding. I am looking to spend less for more. Ha. I know that sounds odd and ignorant and I do not care. So, if you would, please do guide me on this issue. I would love to hear from you and get your feedback on my concerns.

I say all that b/c I am getting assembly mfg. w/ some odd questions.

I believe these odd questions are due to their lack of skillset in the field, e.g. “How many holes are on your board,” is an odd question to me. If this is normal to you or your building process, please try to explain to me why I need to advance hole amounts when providing a Gerber and other necessary filings.

Depending on the amount of holes in your board, pricing difrers. Normally that would be calculated when you upload your design. Manufacturers I use (,, have the possibility to import a variety of board design software file formats.

I am sure american manufacturers would do the same. Have a look for instance at

Comprehensive list: PCB Manufacturers - EEVblog Electronics Resource Wiki

Oh, and if you are looking for a layout of capes, in KiCad there is a beaglebone template for a cape.

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I actually found a TIDA-00320 from made by some fellows/ladies from Germany, i.e. I think. Anyway, I am dealing w/ OSH Park for PCB mfg. but not assembly.

I have found a place that seems to be helpful so far. is their site. I think they are based in CO, USA.

Anyway…thank you for the PCB mfg. list from the EEVblog fellow.


P.S. I am trying to stay local in the states to have more than one opportunity to handle assembly to try to get a reasonable quote of products, parts, PCB mfg, and part assembly. Shopping is not a strong suite for me. So, I am finally trying.


Okay. I used the forum and there was a nice individual that was relaying what Altium stated about the TIDA-00320. It seems there are only 5 TH and exactly 111 SM connections for this specific Cape.