trying to collect and organize BBB links

for the sake of organization, and for redesigning my embedded linux
class to use the BBB, i'm currently running around collecting links to
BBB-related content since there's a *lot* of them and they're
scattered all over the place. just this morning, i recorded all of

and, yes, i know there's more so i'm not done -- if you have any
suggestions (or if all of this is already done elsewhere), drop me a
note. (i suspect i could fill a page with robert nelson content

  in particular, i'm interested in FAQ-like pages, that address a
single issue that may have generated a discussion on this list and
which was eventually resolved. here's an example:

so there was (as i recall) a discussion on how to get UART2 working on
the BBB. i haven't verified this page yet (still waiting on my BBB),
but it would appear that it addresses that issue so it merits a note
back on my main BBB page:

  there's also this post on enabling PWM on the bone using device tree

but, again, i haven't verified it -- can anyone vouch for the content
on that page related specifically to the BBB?

  anyway, i'm about to go back through the mailing list for the last
few weeks and collect tidbits of info. feel free to suggest anything
new users should know.


Thank you! very good :wink: