Trying to undersand Beaglebone Black + Ubuntu system management

Hi folks!

In playing with my first Beaglebone Black, I have configured it running Ubuntu on a micro SD card. I have it running -

  • a dhcp server

  • a dns server

  • a tftp server

  • an ftp server

It would be great if it had a second network interface on board - it would be interesting to see how it performed as a router.

I am impressed with what the little box can do!

My first question is with regards to managing this Ubuntu on a Beaglebone Black. I come from a background of running RHEL / CentOS on x86, so I am trying to become familiar with Ubuntu, as well as the nuances of running Ubuntu on a Beaglebone Black. For example, when I look at Ubuntu documentation, I see mention of grub, but I don’t see the grub config on this box - I am trying to have it display the boot and shutdown messages, which it currently does not do. Another example - I saw an rsync process running, I think after it booted up. Is it rsync’ing the contents of the micro SD card to the onboard storage?

My second question is with the stability of the Beaglebone Black. Will it run months on end?

Thanks in advance for any direction you may be able to provide.



Grub is for x86. Embedded platforms usually use u-boot. If you have a special usb-uart cable then you can see all boot messages.

Thanks so much!