trying to use node-sqlite-purejs in Cloud9 - getting errors

I have it working, but there was a more to the story. Even with proper syntax in the test file (or real file if you try to use this) you will get an error inside the unmodified node-sqlite-purejs distribution. That’s because the Angstrom/Cloud9 distribution comes with an earlier version of node that doesn’t have fx.exists(). I read other posts that said Cloud9 won’t work if you update node, so instead I changed the node-sqlite-purejs source slightly, adding var path = require(“path”); and then using path.exists() instead of fs.exists(). path.exists() is now deprecated and you are supposed to use fs.exists() in current node versions. Anyway, I think hitting that error late at night when I was first trying to get this to work probably led me to try messing with the sample code and screwing it up also. Thanks again to Jason for kindly pointing out that error. Once I corrected that and ran it through a syntax checker I accepted that the error inside the distribution was real, researched it and fixed it.