Two BBB dead after 13.06.06 Flash

I had been using my new BBB for almost 2 weeks and decided to update to the newest image (13.06.06). After the flash completed, I removed the uSD card, and applied power with the following configuration.

  • BBB rev A5A.

  • External 5V supply.

  • Wireless keyboard and mouse on USB.

  • HDMI to my TV.
    Everything worked great in this configuration, and I decided to try the LCD7 cape with:

  • BBB A5A.

  • Boot from uSD card.

  • LCD7 Cape.

  • Wireless Keyboard and Mouse on USB.

  • External 5V power supply to the LCD7 cape.

I have used this configuration several times in the past with the earlier image without problems, but this time the BBB died immediately after applying power. And I mean completely dead. Not even the power LED lit. Completely unresponsive.

I checked power supply voltage, its at 5.06V. Switched back to the first configuration but used the USB to power the BBB instead of the external power, still not even a power LED.

Not being sure what the problem was, or how to fix it, I ordered a new BBB.

New BBB was a Rev A5B. Plugged in the USB cable, all was good. Switched to the first configuration above (using the original factory image which i think was 13.05.20) and all was well. Setup for the second configuration booting from the uSD card with the 13.06.06 image. All went well

Again I flashed the new BBB to the 13.06.06 image, and setup for the second config above (with LCD7 Cape). Applied power and the bone was dead. No Power LED. Nothing at all.

I’m not sure where to go from here. Has anyone else had this problem?

Any ideas on a fix?


I have no idea. So, not knowing exactly what has happened, I am not able to give you a “fix”.

If it is indeed blown up, I doubt there is any fix that could be easily done. Sounds like you have an LCD7 that is bad and is blowing up good boards. I don’t recommend killing another board.

At this point, you may want to consider an RMA on all three boards. The BeagleBone Black boards to and the LCD7 back to the LCD7 people.



I agree it may be time for an RMA, but disagree with the LCD7 cape being bad. It worked well on both BBB prior to the flash update.

Just checked the cape compatibility list and see that the LCD3 and LCD4 capes are now “approved” with the 13.06.06 image. I wonder if the code mods for compatibility with these two capes have made the LCD7 a lame duck.

Checked the PMIC output voltages, definitely not right, voltages are very low or zero. Same on both BBB.

Seeing this, I double checked my external power supply and the VDD_5V pins on the LCD7 and they are at 5V. O-scope shows very low supply noise. I don’t think its a supply problem.

For the moment I’m leaning toward the 13.06.06 image/LCD7 combination or possibly a corrupt image as being the culprit. Still not sure how this would affect the PMIC, so I guess I pull the datasheet tomorrow.


Things can go bad where before they were good. So. if the LCD7 is confirmed as good. the only thing I can think of is improper insertion into the LCD panel. Maybe something line plugging it in one pin off.

I suggest you go back to the factory image and see if the boards still work or not.



the LCD7 cape is not supported in the 13.06.06 image, but will be on the next release. circuitco/boardzoo recommends that you do not use any capes on the beaglebone black until they have been marked as “green” and “Approved” on the support matrix:

feel free to RMA both items for testing…

Dave Anders

The datasheet is a bit lengthy and it looks like this is going to be more work than I can afford to put in at this time, so RMA it is.
I’ll post the results.

The RMA team is lightning fast!!! They received my boards on Friday. Tested, repaired, and shipped them back to me today (Monday). They found the same fault on both boards, VDD_3V3 shorted to ground, but were not able to determine the original cause for the fault. Response to my emails was very quick. It is obvious that they stand behind their product, and want the BBB on developers desks and not in the repair shop. I give them two thumbs up for effort and speed.

Where do i go from here? I’m more concerned with development and less concerned with causal action, so the quickest route back to development without the problem reoccurring is what I’m looking for. I was concerned with there being an intermittent problem with the LCD7 cape, and the RMA team made sure I had a replacement. My original thoughts that there was a problem with the 13.06.06 image is now irrelevant as there is a new image available. I think I’m going to trash the uSD card just to be on the safe side. A $5 replacement uSD is cheap insurance and costs less than a new BBB. I think this should get me on my way. Anyone disagree?