two pocketbeagles to one host?


By connecting USB cable, pockegbeagle provides the following Ether-over-USB link automatically. - pocketbeagle - host

Then, what happens if I connect 2 or more pocketbeagles to one host?

I want to make such configuration, but each beagle running DHCP server and cause conflicts?

Sorry, never mind.
I just confirmed modifying the following files on 2nd and later beagle, there is no conflict on host.

/opt/scripts/boot/ - dnsmasq setting info incouding dhcp range ( and
/etc/networks/interface - static assign
/opt/scripts/boot/ - static assign

e.g. for 2nd beagle:

192.168.17(16).1 - host (usb0/usb1)
192.168.17(16).2 - client - netmask