U-boot 2017.09 ?

Is anything special required to build u-boot for the BBB other than applying the patches (0001-am335x_evm-uEnv.txt-bootz-n-fixes.patch, 0002-U-Boot-BeagleBone-Cape-Manager.patch) ? I’ve been trying to build a new image with Buildroot and while it all appears to build and run OK, I noticed the u-boot being used is still the version in the eMMC.

I tried chain loading the u-boot.bin explicitly but it hangs after printing “DRAM: 512 K” … trying to chainload the original u-boot.img (after offsetting the header) also fails at the same spot though so maybe chain loading doesn’t work at the moment ?

Is there any more details on using led’s for debugging somewhere (beyond getting-started) ? It looked like the u-boot was playing with gpio’s, perhaps feedback on how far it has booted. There is definitely a burst of activity on eMMC corresponding to the u-boot there being loaded, regardless of holding down S2 or not.


… Niall