U-Boot Beagle and Zoom USB patches from Tom Rix


at U-Boot list, Tom posted a patch series to enable usb device support for omap3:


The device support was usbtty, and according to above mail it was run tested on beagle, zoom1 and zoom2. Looking at


support for e.g. Overo should be addable easily, though.

While Tom mentions that his patch series is against u-boot-arm.git next branch, I applied it to u-boot (main) master, and it applies fine, too. Compile tested it with ./MAKEALL ARM_CORTEX_A8.

Just in case you want to test it, patch series extracted from U-Boot list in attachment. Should be easily applyable by e.g. git am.

Let us know your testing results.



uboot_usb_tom_rix.tar.bz2 (16.5 KB)