u-boot commands that can be run on the BBB?

for an upcoming embedded linux class that will use the BBB, i want
to write a page of commands students can run after stopping in u-boot
that will let them learn a bit about their board before booting into

  i'm currently using a rev A5C but class will use latest rev C BBBs,
and i'll almost certainly use one of RCN's latest debian images. i
started with the trivially obvious commands here:


and am still writing, but if anyone wants to throw out ideas to add to
that page, i'm all ears. the point is to give students commands to run
that are not only entertaining and educational, but also to display
information that they can cross-reference back to later when working
with the BBB in user space. so ... thoughts?


p.s. that page, as all my wiki pages, are always publicly available,
so everyone will be welcome to read the end result.

p.p.s. can i use the "eeprom" command to read the contents of the 4K
eeprom on the BBB? my original feeling was that i would need to access
it through I2C; is there anything meaningful i can do with the
"eeprom" command in u-boot on the BBB?

There's a pretty useful command now enabled in v2015.01, just make
sure you have the usb-slave port plugged into a running pc.

Then issue, either:

ums 0 mmc 0

ums 0 mmc 1


i had noticed that and was going to look into it, thanks.