U_boot_overlay SPI I2C


here’s my problem.
So far I have always worked with the BB Black and was able to adapt the HW in the file uEnv.txt to my requirements.

If I do that with my BB AI the board will not boot anymore.
I have the latest version 9.9LXQT, kernel update,…
What am I doing wrong?
Which overlays are supported by the AI ?

Many greetings

This depends on users submitting working Overlays..

Current "working" ones have BBAI_* prefix..



Thank you, Robert,
which means that the work with the overlays, i.e. with the file uEnv.txt, is still up to date.
Only the BBAI… files are checked and can be used.
Now I have the big problem that I do not know how to use I2C, SPI and CAN bus.

I do not have the knowledge to program these overlays.

How long will it take until these overlays are available or how should I continue ?

I am standing on the tube right now.

Honestly, the "current" method of U-Boot Overlays, that we use for the
am335x family is not usable on the am57xx family (aka BeagleBone AI)..

U-Boot is split in two different blobs, SPL and U-Boot, SPL loads
first inits the ram and loads U-Boot proper.

For the am57xx family, we need to setup the pinmux'ing in SPL, there
are patches/wip's for "SPL Overlays", while that is still in heavy
development mode, some of which has now landed in u-boot git master..

This would be an awesome GSOC project.. I'd estimate it would take a
good working month for someone with no experience with the
am335x/am57xx to get something cool..


Thank you, Robert,

as I mentioned before, I do not feel able to do this job.
I will continue working with the BB Black and hope that another genius will provide a similarly comfortable solution as with the overlays.
So that even a beginner like me can work with the BBAI to its full extent in the future.