U-Boot process


i want to decrease my boot time of angstrom linux on beagle board..
for that i downloaded the latest u-boot which does not contain audio
and beagle logo and i modified auto boot delay to 0..by which i
managed to save 6 sec
my total booting time is 20 sec which i want to make min as possible

i wanted to know the u-boot process i.e. which functions are executed
first so that i can remove which i don't want and i also wanted to do
this for my kernel..

i wanted details such as what functions are called in which order and
i which files can i find the functions
can anybody help me on this

What you ask s wierd. You have the sources, what else do you need? You probably want some one to do your job and then teach you? Grow up, man.

2011/2/8 An <anuj.tanksali@gmail.com>