u-boot: ti-v2015.07 updates

ti-v2015.07-r15: usb/scsi boot fixes

cd /opt/scripts/tools/developers/

sudo ./update_bootloader.sh

UBOOT Bootloader: u-boot-beagle_x15_ti-v2015.07-r15.img

This is sweet - no more sluggish IO and space concerns. Question - is there a maximum device size that is supported? I can successfully boot off of an 8GB drive but not a 1TB drive.

There might be... I've only tested 120/240GB sata ssd drives, it
might also just be a u-boot v2015.07 bug or something else..

I'm assuming you used either one of these scripts:


scripts found in:


Nothing really special, just sfdisk/format/rsync:



Yes, I used these. I tried a 120, too, and it works. The 1TB drive does not appear to be registered by the system (neither via usb3, usb2, or esata) (i.e., never shows up under lsblk or no dmesgs').