U-Boot v2 git status and USB download

Just in case you missed


a short status update on U-Boot v2 git and USB download:

Using PC USB download tool


and recent U-Boot v2 git


results in (this is the http://rafb.net pastebin from IRC):

At PC:

-- cut --
> ll uboot.bin
-rwxr-xr-x 1 dirk users 36136 2008-06-30 20:20 uboot.bin
> ./omap3_usbload uboot.bin

TI OMAP3 USB boot ROM tool, version 0.1


found device!
download ok
-- cut --

While "..." plug in beagle USB cable. Then at target:

-- cut --
U-Boot 2.0.0-rc5-git (Jun 30 2008 - 20:16:02)

Board: Texas Instrument's SDP343x
Malloc Space: 0x87bfff10 -> 0x87ffff10 (size 4 MB)
running /env/bin/init...
not found
X-load 343x> help
          ? - alias for help
    devinfo - display info about devices and drivers
      false - do nothing, unsuccessfully
         go - start application at address 'addr'
       help - print online help
      loadb - Load binary file over serial line (kermit mode)
       true - do nothing, successfully
    version - print monitor version
X-load 343x> devinfo

----filesystem: /
----filesystem: /dev

X-load 343x> version

U-Boot 2.0.0-rc5-git (Jun 30 2008 - 20:16:02)
X-load 343x>
-- cut --