UART0 RTS/CTS signals not cross-wired for the FTDI – hardware flow control not working

It seems that UART0 RTS and CTS signals (UART0_RTS, UART0_CTS) are not connected correctly between the micro (U5) and the FTDI chip (U12). It looks like there is a mistake in naming of the signals: UART0_RX and TX are named according to the FTDI side, UART0_RTS and CTS are actually wrong for either side :). Anyway, RTS and CTS should be cross-wired just like RX and TX.

As a result, hardware flow control does not work between Beaglebone and the virtual COM port in PC.

Can somebody confirm this is a bug? Is there a way to file a bug report?

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Beaglebone rev. A6.

I will look into this. It won’t be changed anytime soon if there is an issue. We don’e sell that many of these boards these days. Flow control is not typically used on the Linux Debug port as there is no need for it.


how to use UART4 can you help me!!! i need dirver uart for insmod kernel!
thanks !!!