UART1 pin mapping question.

So, I want to connect to UART1 on the BBB through the expansion header. My question is on the data directions for each of the UART1 pins on P9. Here is what I am assuming.

Pin Function Direction(relative to BBB) Note

19 UART1_RTSn OUTPUT Active low output connected to the destinations CTSn (driven by BBB)
20 UART1_CTSn INPUT Active low input connected to the destinations RSTn (driven by destination)
4 UART1_RXD INPUT Recieve data connected to destinations TXD (driven by destination)
24 UART1_TXD OUTPUT Transmit data connected to destinations RXD(driven by BBB)

I know this looks obvious but I’ve gotten caught in the past by an author failing to show who the pin is relative to (DTE vs CDE).

Are my assumptions correct?