UBI FS images on Beaglebone black

Hi all,

I have a question regarding ubi images on BBB.

I used to work with Gumstix Overo boards and making ubi images for installation through u-boot, but now I am working on a system which uses BBB, and I would like to use the same installation method I used with Gumstix boards.

I think (and I hope) it’s possible to do the same on BBB but now I have no information about how to do it correctly, also because I see that BBB uses eMMC flash images…

Do someone have any detailed information or idea about how to correctly proceed ?

Thank you in advance.



Hi simon

I have the Overo gumstix COM fire board, and as I have read here that you have experience with gumstix boards,
I would like to ask you how you can install debian 10 on this old board, do you know of any method or ready-made images?

thank you

ubi https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UBIFS works directly on NAND
device's. To be useful on the BeagleBone Black, you'll need to add a
NAND device to the physical design of the Board.

So for a factory BeagleBone Black, ubi is just not usable.


You appear to have responded to the original post from over four years
ago. The more recent post was from someone seeking help in installing
Debian 10 ON gumstix board...

yeap i did. :wink: love it when users reply to ancient posts.