uboot not recognizing BBBlack. unable to boot, and unable to recover BBB.

Hi there.
I was following the how-to at https://wiki.debian.org/InstallingDebianOn/TI/BeagleBone, which apparently deep-fried my BBBlack.
Everything was ok, until i rebooted, and got greeted by a message on the serial console :

U-Boot SPL 2012.10-00075-g1611a63 (Jan 30 2014 - 23:10:46)
Unknown board, cannot configure pinmux.### ERROR ### Please RESET the board ###

so basically, i cannot boot, with or without a micro sd card. I have rewritten the original image to the SD, inserted it, unplugged the BBB, and nothing works. I guess U-boot is responsible for “choosing” between the micro sd and the eMMC ?

so… how can i force BBB to boot from the microsd? or repair u-boot? anything?


Follow the install directions and reflash with the original image.
That site's directions are just too old for the black..