UBOT trace

Hello All,

I want to start tracing the code for u bot with BBB. How do I start?
from the startup till the main to the functionality of handling the kernel and loading it?
is there any book describing the follow of u bot software or any article


Here are some videos which maybe of use to you:

General video on architecture of AM335X and Embedded Linux Boot process: (Lots of videos on the Linux booting process if you google)


Here’s the video series I used 3 year’s ago to understand how to load the SPL and U-boot into RAM and debug in CCS with JTAG. When debugging the SPL in CCS using JTAG, I was only able to do assembly level stepping, using run until, and hardware breakpoints didn’t work for some reason. I think one of the missing pieces could have been understanding where the SPL and U-boot get loaded (believe u-boot gets relocated in RAM), and from CCS’s point of view does CCS rely on physical vs. virtual addresses?

TI Board Port Series (old, but not difficult to adapt older versions of tools to the latest, IMO)


Great training videos on U-boot from ELC, e-ALE: