Ubunru Saucy 13.10 Image Updated: 2014-02-16 is halting the BBB

I updated ubuntu BBB image to Ubunru Saucy 13.10 Image Updated: 2014-02-16 as I’m expecting the hot pluggable USB fix. Now when I want to ssh into BBB, the BBB is halting down. Upon retrying with luck I’m able to ssh into BBB. Now when I’m trying to run some program like ntpdate, apt-get --dist-upgrade or --update the following message is being displayed…

Broadcast message from root@arm
(unknown) at 5:23 …

The system is going down for halt NOW!
Power button pressed

So this is a bug. Did it get fix in Trusty 14.04 (experimental) Image Updated:2014-02-16? where can I track BBB ubuntu os bugs?


the bug persists in Ubuntu Trusty 14.04(experimental). I reverted to Ubuntu 13.04 and now its working good.

is the bug alive? where can I post the bugs?

I am experiencing the same thing with 14.04 2014-5-15 from rcn-ee.net/deb/flasher, booting from 16GB uSD. Everything will be fine for a while, and then the system goes down for a halt NOW!

I raised this issue at http://bugs.elinux.org/issues/85. U too mention there that U r facing same problem.