Ubuntu 10.04 rev C4 with OTG as Host


I am trying to use the OTG port as a Host Usb Port. I grounded the ID
bit by placing solder on J6. I am powering my board from a 5V external
adapter. I noticed that the VBUS signal on the OTG port was not driven
to 5V. So I connected my own peripheral that uses the FTDI chip
(FT232RL) and externally connect 5V to the peripheral. I don't see any
mention during kernal boot up of the OTG port getting enabled.

I have already tested my peripheral with a usb hub connect to the usb
host port and everything worked fine. I am going through all this
because I would like to not have to use a usb hub as I have only two
usb devices that need to be connected. One device is a HS Usb and the
Peripheral is a FS.

Any idea about how to make this work with Ubuntu without a USB hub?