ubuntu 11.04 preinstalled image FAILS on Xm


I put this image on a 4GB microSD and booted it.


The Ubuntu configuration successfully completed and I enjoyed (HA HA)
a few hours using the desktop. It was woefully ssslllloooooowwwww.

when I rebooted, the boot.scr file had been rewritten with a screen
resolution that my monitor was unable to display. That problem
required me to edit the file and do mkimage again to get a workable

The whole thing then completely crashed with this message:

FATAL: Error inserting module btrfs (/lib/modules/2.6.38-8-omap/kernel/
fs/btrfs/btrfs.ko): Invalid module format

well not completely...
i still had a busybox initramfs shell.

(initramfs) dmesg|grep btrfs
[ 3.701751] btrfs: bad relocation, section 2 reloc 3725

pete vk6fun

Can you type "file btrfs.ko" and see if it is built for expected architecture ? Just a guess.

Thank you,