I have downloaded ubuntu-11.04-preinstalled-netbook-armel+omap.img.gz
but when I unzip (using 7-zip or winZip) it I get a natty-preinstalled-
netbook-armel+omap.raw file.

Is is simple a case of renaming raw to img?

I have just start learning about the Beagle Board and am also not
familiar in installing linux from scratch (frimware, boot area etc).

Any help much appreciated.

if you have a linux box with fileutils, you could use:

file natty-preinstalled-netbook-armel+omap.raw

to check its format.

or just to make sure, you could use gunzip (there is a win32 console
version i think) to gunzip your file.


Marco Casaroli

One pretty easy solution that comes to mind is to download Ubuntu live CD, and then just boot from there.
then use the normal linux way to write the image to a memory card

Simple instructions can be found here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/OMAP