Ubuntu 12.04-r5 armhf 3.2.28-x14 kernel at 1 GHz on BBxM, preliminary for kernel 3.6-rc4 at 1 GHz

So I think everyone will be happy to know that this isn’t a question, but rather that I got Ubuntu to run on the Beagleboard xM at 1 GHz. I forked Robert Nelson’s stable-kernel repository to build the kernel, and I found some different application specific tarballs and build scripts (buildroot mainly) for the BBxM that ran on the 3.2.x kernel at 1 GHz, so I collated the changes I discovered into a pair of patches which I added in my fork of stable-kernel. At the moment only the master branch has the change in it, and the errata for the USB PLL clock is currently enabled, so don’t try to put it on an original Beagle Board Cx, it won’t work. I also have some good progress into porting the patches to the linux kernel 3.6 build scripts in Nelson’s linux-dev repository. I booted up at 1 GHz, but there was some bad looking junk in the boot log that didn’t end up in dmesg that I’m still trying to track down.

Here is my stable-kernel fork with the patches to raise the BBxM to 1 GHz. Basically follow the same build process as the original stable-kernel repo, and using gcc-arm-linux-gnueabihf works, I haven’t actually tried the soft float compiler on it: https://github.com/Teknoman117/stable-kernel

I will upload the kernel 3.6 BB-xM patches tomorrow, there are still a couple of house keeping things to do with them

Nathaniel Lewis
CTO at E1FTW Games