Ubuntu 12.10 on BBB: red & blue reversed

I was happy to get Ubuntu 12.10 running on the BBB today. It runs pretty smoothly, with some video instability, but usable. (I could not get 13.04 to work.) This is using the Ubuntu images provided at http://elinux.org/BeagleBoardUbuntu#Canonical.2FUbuntu_Images.

I was enjoying the new aesthetics of the desktop until I realized this can’t be right. The colors are very wrong. What should be red comes out blue, and vice versa, almost as if there’s a wiring (or driver mapping) error. The effect is very striking on a color bar chart. (I can supply a photo if anyone wants.)

This seems to be an Ubuntu/BBB problem, since the colors come out correctly when I run Angstrom from the eMMC.

Fortunately, my application does not demand color fidelity, so I will plow ahead, resting in the assurance that the community will provide answers!


Debian Wheezy also makes the right colors on my BBB.

Switching to 16 bit mode helps, if only 24 bit color is not the must.

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