Ubuntu and Docker Install on BeagleBone Blue

I recently got a BBBlue and had a couple of questions about creating a bootable mSD card with Ubuntu.

  1. Can I use a full install of Ubuntu on the BeagleBone or am I restricted to ARM?
  2. Is Debian Jessie a better option since its official image is shown on the beagleboard website and supported by Docker?

I also have a question about what happens after creating a bootable mSD card. Can I SSH via USB to setup the wifi or is there another way to get the Wifi setup (e.g USB to ethernet adapter)


  1. I believe you can only install the armhf version of Ubuntu
  2. In my general opinion, Debian Jessie is better supported on the Beaglebone than Ubuntu. They are probably equally supported by Docker

Thanks for the reply. How would I handle connecting to the internet in order to update? Can I use connmanctl similar to how I did the initial setup in Angstrom? Or do I need to buy a USB-to-Ethernet adapter and hook up to my router?