Ubuntu/ Armbian support for Play?

I’m interested in running ROS2 on an open hardware board.

Is Ubuntu a supported OS on the play board?

The context of this is developing a fully open hardware robot to support the work of the Education working group

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I’ve got weekly basic Ubuntu builds here Index of /rootfs/ubuntu-arm64-22.04-console-v5.10-ti

Edit… not sure why the play didn’t I upload, I’ll work on that…


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Nice, thanks.

If any Play owners fancied running this script for me on Ubuntu 22.04 it would be much appreciated to know if it worked before buying one GitHub - linorobot/ros2me: ROS2 Installation file

and the play image is now up… Index of /rootfs/ubuntu-arm64-22.04-console-v5.10-ti/2023-08-31


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To go slightly off topic, is there any chance of Ubuntu 22.04 for the AI-64 too?

I see TI recently released this PROCESSOR-SDK-LINUX-SK-TDA4VM Software development kit (SDK) | TI.com

" Supports Docker based Ubuntu 22.04 on top of Yocto-Kirkstone"

Does that help?

Ah I see there are AI-64 images in there already. Thanks.

Are there any AI-64 or Play owners who would be willing to run this script for me on a clean machine to see if it works?


Bump, would anyone be willing to run that script?

Hi @sam_uk what is the real ask?

I’m looking at https://github.com/linorobot/ros2me/blob/master/install it’ll do what it’s designed todo…


Great. I was unclear if the TDA4VM had limitations in terms of software compatibility. I don’t think you could install ROS on RISCV architecture for example. I guess it’s essentially just ARM, not that exotic.

@sam_uk careful… ARM…

ARM64 is Tier 1 (Ubuntu Jammy (22.04)) (BeaglePlay AM625x)
ARM32 is Tier 3 (Ubuntu Jammy (22.04)) (BeagleBone Black/AM335x)



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Yes, thanks. Both Ai-64 and Play seem viable.