Ubuntu Core on BeagleBoard

Has anyone here tried to get Ubuntu Core running on a BeagleBoard?

If the answer is yes, was it successful?

What kind of procedure was used?

I’ve followed Omappedia procedure without any success at all. My main purpose is to have the Ubuntu Core filesystem flashed and running from a BBrevC5 NAND.

I’ve successfully flashed Ansgtrom in the NAND, having the issue that the Angstrom rootfs with gnome doesn’t start gnome and all I have is a console, anyway I’ve been trying to flash into NAND the Ubuntu Minimal fs (Robert Nelson’ one) but is kind of confusing for me because of the procedure used in the boot stage of the Robert Nelson filesystem. Also the rootfs from RN is way too heavy compared to Angstrom rootfs or Ubuntu Core itself and the NAND from my BBrevC5 is just 512MB.

Any help would be really appreciated,

best regards,