Ubuntu Desktop on Beaglebone Black - does it work for anyone?

Hi there,

i’m pretty new to the Beaglebone Black and to Linux, but i’ve been reading up on it a lot and went through quite a process to get to the point i am now, just wondering if i did something wrong or if my result is the best i can get.

So here is what i did:

After multiple tries i decided to use a VM of Ubuntu to create the microSD card with the Ubuntu 13.04 files provided from rcn-ee.net and got a bootable command line linux with enough free space on the sd card to install the GUI.

I ran “sudo apt-get update” and “sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop” and waited, took about 3 hours to install all the files.

Booting after the install resulted in Ubuntu loading the desktop login screen but after logging in i got screen flickers, error messages and ultimately the system kept freezing.

Did anyone get this to work? Should i stick with 12.04 or 12.10 to do this? Any help getting the desktop to work is appreciated.

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In ubuntu, run this script to setup the ddx modesetting driver and xorg.conf..

wget https://raw.github.com/RobertCNelson/tools/master/ubuntu/setup-xorg.sh
chmod +x setup-xorg.sh


Does this fix the issue 13.04 has been having with full Ubuntu desktop? I know in my experience after you sign on you basically just get a blank screen with 13.04.

Sorry, I've never tested it with the unity crap..

But xorg in 13.04 needs the modesetting driver installed and xorg.conf
setup, otherwise xorg itself will cause lockups/blinking/etc.. Beyond
that with unity running, i don't know.. :wink:


Personally I think it is probably better to install Debian and use LXDE. I never got why people NEED to use Ubuntu either so . …

It's sad; recently i was in a meeting with some marketers and against
all our opinions against it, they just had to list ubuntu on the

aka; xyz supports: linux, ubuntu, android..

I asked, Well if we have to have ubuntu, why can't we stick debian on
it too.. But it wasn't a big enough "brand"... <rolls eyes>


Ronco Linux, Set it and forget it. . .

I tried the modesetting script with the stock kernel your June 14th Ubuntu 13.04 image and I still get lockups/crashes randomly. I’m only trying to run Fluxbox at 1280x720@60.

Oddly, it runs nice and solid with the Debian Wheezy image...
Something is wrong with the Ubuntu xorg stack.. Maybe it's just time
to drop my support for ubuntu images.


Well I’m going to go try Debian Wheezy then :slight_smile:

Things like this is what I personally have come to expect from Ubuntu. Truly a shame really, being so close to Debian, with “cutting edge” features. Yet it never fails to disappoint when it comes down to it.

I guess Canonical only really cares about one thing, which should have been apparent when they tried putting google ads on their desktop. . .

Turns out it was a power issue. I was running the BBB on one of those two port USB cables. Switched to my 10W adapter and no issues now. (Welp, in Debian at least)

  • Nathaniel Lewis