Ubuntu for omap4 problem.

I use Beagle board Omap35X c4 series, and i want to run linux on it.
But downloaded "Texas Instruments OMAP4 preinstalled netbook image" in
the download page, they said "type the following command"
      sudo sh -c 'zcat ./ubuntu-netbook-10.10-preinstalled-netbook-
armel+<omap image>.img.gz >/dev/<device name>'

When i type the command nothing happens, but sometimes i get "not in
gzip format" error. I want to install ubuntu on sd-card.

What can i do to solve this? Please help!


1. There's another way to install the image: download image,
decompress image and transfer image to the SD card. Try it: almost for
me it worked fine.
2. MORE IMPORTANT. BeagleBoard's uP is not OMAP4 but OMAP3. OMAP4 are
new dual core, Cortex A9, uPs of TI. So you have to download OMAP
version instead of OMAP4 version.


The problem is "decompressing the image". I cannot over this stage.
Maybe i can complete this stage, i could get something work =) I
get "not in gzip format" error. But i know that it is in gzip format.

Are using Windows or Linux distribution? You must to use a Linux

1. Enter in superuser mode
2. apt-get update
3. apt-get install gzip
4. download the image compressed
5. gunzip ubuntu-netbook-10.10-preinstalled-netbook-armel
+omap .img.gz
6. system->preferences->disk utility
7. format your sd card without format. pay attention if it is sda,
sdb, sdc, etc.
8. sudo dd bs=4M if=ubuntu-netbook-10.10-preinstalled-netbook-armel
+omap .img of=/dev/sda

done :slight_smile:

good luck

I use linux of course =)) when i type;
"sudo dd bs=4M if=ubuntu-netbook-10.10-preinstalled-netbook-armel
+omap .img of=/dev/sda "
i get following error;
"dd invalid number '4m' "


sudo dd --help

"bs=" means number of bytes are written/read each time. Are you sure
you didn't type "4m" instead of "4M"?

Try 4000000 instead of 4M...


Thank you Manu.

Now i cannot get working keyboard or mouse. How can i fix it? and
is one more problem, i want to get a graphical interface like ubuntu
on my laptop.
Is it possible?