Ubuntu image for BBGW

Hello everyone,

is there any available Ubuntu image for BeagleBone Green Wireless with preconfigured Wireless/Bluetooth drivers (bb-wl18xx-wlan0/bb-wl18xx-bluetooth)? I’ve flashed my BBGW with Ubuntu 16.04.3 which I’ve download from this link. Flashing process went without any issues. When I tried to access my BBGW via SSH, I’ve noticed that connection trough BBGW eth interface is not established. While with different Debian images everything works like a charm.

Ubuntu 16.04.3 needs connman to work like debian does out of the box.

I have things setup in "18.04" to work like our debian images do..

I'm tempted to just nuke the 16.04.3 image and use the beta bionic version..