Ubuntu / Loosing USB


I have an issue with ubuntu, I'm loosing the USB hub so it disconect
keyboard/mouse/wifi. It happens often when I use the USB (copying/
downloading) but it happens also while I'm doing nothing... :frowning:

The hub I'm using is self powered, and I tried with another one (but
same brand) with the same result.

I have upgraded the kernel : same result.

Here is the message I get :
[ 1132.519378] drivers/hid/usbhid/hid-core.c: can't reset device, ehci-
omap.0-2.4.3/input1, stat1
[ 1132.537139] usb 1-2: clear tt 1 (9031) error -19
[ 1132.541839] usb 1-2: clear tt 1 (0060) error -19


Hi Michael,

is this a C2 or C3 based board?


Hi Robert,

It's a C3 Rev.


Sorry, it's a known hardware issue: (the reason why the C4 came out)


On boards such as yours, i just use the musb/otg port with a good usb
2.0 hub as a host port..