Ubuntu on -xm Windows Host PC

I'm interested in installing a demo image of Ubuntu on my BeagleBoard-
I've seen several guides to do this kind of things but they don't
consider the possibility of starting with a Windows Xp Host pc.
Yes I don't have a pc with linux, but do you think I'll be able to
install Ubuntu on my BB_Xm?

Hi Ethan,

It is possible to do this, although of course I’d highly recommend downloading an easy Linux distribution like Ubuntu and running it as a Live CD on your windows machine.

I wish I could recommend a program for you to use to put the distribution on the SD card, but I don’t know windows very well any more. In any case, though, I’d recommend starting with an unformatted SD card and using the prebuilt image found here:

good luck!

You can install the free version of VmWare called VmPlayer. That software allows you to run multiple operating systems.

VmPlayer allows to to install an ISO image (CD image that can be a file). There are at least 3 prebuilt images floating around: 1) Angstrom, 2) You install it just like a regular OS install except that it creates this on your Windows file system. It creates a file that simulates a Linux hard disk. You can tell VmWare how big of a Windows file to create. It allocates the file system in 2GB chunks. This is an easy and free way to install Ubuntu on a Windows PC and run both OS'es at the SAME time.

If you follow the links in Beagleboard.org you can find a USB or SDHC imager that runs under Windows. This tool lets you write any of the pre-built images that will boot on the XM. One of the prebuilt images is Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat for netbooks that runs just fine on the Beagle connected to a DVI-b monitor using an HDMI to DVIb cable.

Thank you very much for hekping me, but one more question:

do I need to make 2 partitions on the sd?
1 FAT32 partition (Boot) where I put MLO, U-boot.bin and U-image
1 EXT2 partition where I put the prebuilt maverick ubuntu image?

If this procedure is correct all the files I need (MLO, U-boot and
U.image) are included in the Maverick Pack or not? Where can I find

If the above steps are wrong what should I exactly do? Just format the
sd card and put the pre built maverick image on it?

Thank you again for your patient but I'm totally new to linux os.