Ubuntu splash while booting

Ubuntu is booting without splash on beaglebaord (text log is shown on
screen). I guess that's plymouth. How can i show splash image instead?
I would like to put particular image but I'll be happy to start with

I know that there are some problems related to DRM, etc.

Did anyone know how this can be achieved?

Well, if you remove the "console=tty0" from the "optargs" variable in
uEnv.txt file on the fat 'boot' partition, it'll at-least stop showing
the text log.

Then the frame-buffer version of the plymouth startup screen should work..


That removed most of the messages but some of them are still there. No
frame-buffer version yet.
Any idea?

Is there anything else to redirect?

уторак, 20. март 2012. 23.33.05 UTC+1, Predrag Manojlović је написао/ла:

Stupid of me…
optargs= splash quiet
is enough

уторак, 27. март 2012. 00.32.37 UTC+2, Predrag Manojlović је написао/ла:

Using your isntructions and
optargs= splash quietdid the job.
Now i have Ubuntu screen shown having progress bar (4 dots).

Now i cannot change theme:

I installed new theme i created in /lib/plymoyth/themes/THEMENAME

sudo update-initramfs -u

When i manually start
plymouth show-splash
i get splash screen, but on boot is still shown default Ubuntu splash

Any idea?

четвртак, 08. март 2012. 22.23.00 UTC+1, RobertCNelson је написао/ла:

Problem solved.
Do not forget to run at the end

субота, 05. мај 2012. 21.15.53 UTC+2, Predrag Manojlović је написао/ла: