uImage boot

hi , i m booting my uImage but the boot stop in Starting pid 351,
console /dev/ttyS2: '/etc/init.d/rcS'
i don't have a root file system in my card i have only an uImage , i
tried the initramfs method but i don't know if i am doing well with
i have the initramfs file in /usr/src/initramfs so what i ve do is
1.make menuconfig
2. in General setup --->
    [*] Initial RAM filesystem and RAM disk (initramfs/initrd) support

3. General setup --->
    (/usr/src/initramfs) Initramfs source file(s)
4. make
5. make uImage
6. i copied my uImage in the mmc and i do the boot
7. the boot stop in Starting pid 351, console /dev/ttyS2: '/etc/init.d/

please help

Bahri, it does not help if you send your message twice with a different subject.
Also it has been told already a few times on irc that the problem is
in your initramfs, not in your kernel.
The suggestion to first try to get things working still holds.
And did you by any chance do anything with the suggestion to start
reading a good book on this (e.g.
It contains all the info you need.