uio_pruss for 3.14 Kernel


I am beginning to experiment with programming the PRU’s on the BBB and am following the standard steps. The PRU dev kit downloaded and compiled ok - however the uio_pruss driver does not seem to be available on my 3.14 kernel. The modprobe command returns:

modprobe uio_pruss
modprobe: FATAL: Module uio_pruss not found.

I am using Ubuntu 3.14 armhf - uio_pruss.ko seems to be missing in both the generic armhf.com verison and also the

ubuntu-14.04.1-console-armhf-2014-10-29.tar.xz from RCN’s repository.

I have dug around a bit and found two source code files which might be operational on the 3.14 kernel - however I cannot get them to compile.

Does anybody know where I can get a binary uio_pruss.ko which is suitable for a 3.14 kernel or, alternately, how to compile a device driver from source. I gather it is something of a black art and my attempts so far have been unsuccessful.