Unable to connect BeagleBone Green board with BP-CC3301 plug-in WiFi module


I am trying to connect BBG (SeeedStudio BeagleBone® Green) board with a BP-CC3301 plug-in WiFi module (SimpleLink™ CC3301 Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth® Low Energy BoosterPack™ Plug-in Module (BP-CC3301)). In order to connect these two modules together there is a need to use an adapter - BP-CC33xx (BP-CC33-BBB-ADAPT Hardware). My end goal is to have a usable WiFi module with configurable radio.

The boards should be stacked up like this:
BBG (main board) + BP-CC33xx (adapter) + BP-CC3301 (plug-in WiFi module)

I am facing problems connecting these modules together. When connecting these mentioned boards the BP-CC3301 plug-in WiFi module is not powered up by the BBG. I did solve this by connecting the mentioned WiFi module to a separate power supply, by doing this I also removed J6 and J9 jumper caps. This ensures that the mentioned WiFi module is powered on, however, through UART it is seen that the device keeps reloading in the bootloader mode.

In BP-CC3301 (plug-in WiFi module) documentation it is written that this module is meant to be used with BeagleBone Black (BBB) board. BeagleBone Green is compatible with BBB.

My question:
Is it possible to connect BBG (main board) and BP-CC3301 (plug-in WiFi module) modules? If so, what am I doing wrong in order to connect these two boards? Maybe I am missing some vital steps or logic?

Any information will be appreciated! Thank you in advance!

Hi @Auguste you need to contact TI directly, this adapter (today) is not available to the general public. It’s only available to customers requesting direct samples…

I could fill out the request form, but my gmail address is usually denied, (and was denied last month for a different board)…

Update, this adapter will not work the BeagleBone Green due to, it requiring VDD_5V… Which on the BeagleBone Green is not populated… (aka no 5VDC power jack)


On a normal BBB, this looks this, this was done so that ‘high’ powered devices wouldn’t over-current the usb port…