Unable to connect to

I have BBB connected via USB, using PuTTY on windows
When I type -

ping → 20 packets sent, 0 received, 100% loss

Always packets are sent but received is zero always

Can anyone debug this problem?

Ps - I see this step in Derek Molloy’s Beaglebone- Getting Started - Windows USB Network Adapter Setup Tutorial. Cant go ahead, I am stuck


Molloy changed the default

I didnt understand what you meant. To explain more from my side -

Host Name (or IP address) :
Port : 22

When I load session with above settings,
then if we want to connect back to the PC,


So the PC appears as on network and BBB is

But when I try myself, zero packets are received

Hello pariyan,

stuck with the same problem

did you find the solution, if found please help me

same to me…i cant ping my laptop( from putty (beaglebone black connected to my laptop via usb)

try this