unable to connect via ssh over ethernet


I am a beginner on a beaglebone black bought very recently.
Connected in USB on my PC, I manage to connect in ssh without problem.
However, I cannot connect to ssh via the Ethernet port. I find that very strange. However, the network configuration seems correct. I can ping BBB from my PC.
Anyone have an explanation? I did try disabling the USB port in /etc/default/bb-boot without success.
thank you in advance

Double check the settings at the windows connection (Window network status window->change adapter options-> pick the adapter calling itself a “remote NDIS Compatible Device” and make sure its settings are set so it is

Otherwise do a careful check on all the settings on whatever terminal emulator or SSH tool you’re using to make sure it’s got its settings right. (BTW: I’m a big fan of the Cygwin-X X-win server and it’s Cygwin terminal.)

I’m assuming that you aren’t doing my thing where I’m trying to implement a (more capable) battery charge control IC ahead of the beaglebone and having issue(s) my hackmo wiring introducing enough impedance mismatch to fake out Windows 10 and getting the BBB’s TCP/IP stack to not respond to I did a reboot of the BBB and My PC to get it back. It was bad enough for me that ifconfig on the BBB didn’t even show an IP address for USB0.

Thank you for your answer, but it does not answer my problem at all!
The connection via the USB port works but not the connection on the Ethernet port.
ifconfig however tells me that it exists … but impossible to connect to the address given by ifconfig on port eth0.
I do not understand why. I have been working on Raspberry for a long time and on Odroid for a short time. I have never encountered such a problem!

That is odd. It’s not like you’re getting an IP address conflict with something else on the network, right?

I had a problem like this once where someone else in the office had decided to stick their personal printer on a particular address and IT hadn’t configured the DNS server to hold that address aside. My BBB then got assigned that rogue item’s IP number as it booted up. Predictably, it wouldn’t connect with SSH even though ping worked. Trying to hit it with my web browser got me an HP printer status page instead of the Cloud9 interface.

It may be worth downloading/starting Wireshark, then watching the traffic going to/from the BBB’s MAC address it to see its initial traffic.