Unable to enter into root

I am unable to enter inside kernel. I have followed following steps.

  1. Hyper terminal settings Baudrate 11500, 8 Bits, No parity, One stop bit no flowcontrol, os is windows xp.
  2. Its booting
  3. I got login message i.e beagleboard login:
  4. I entered root. On my hyper terminla it is showing junk characters.
  5. I hited enter but its not going inside root.

Please help me.


This setting is correct and should work. In fact it is already halfway
working because you see the boot-process.

Are you using a USB to serial converter? If so the one you are using may
not work well. There are cheap ones out there that cause all kinds of
problems. Try a different brand.


i'll second that. i have two converters in front of me, visually
indistinguishable, generic; both load the pl2303 driver when inserted.
one works fine on my xM, the other generates garbage. go figure.


I work with serial-usb converters all day, and we only buy converters
with FTDI or CP2101 chipset. These never caused any problem.


Hi Nils,

Yeah i m using USB to serial converter and same i m using for my ATMEL board programing. its working fine with atmel.