unable to get adb shell connection to BB

I have succesfully ported Android on the Beagleboard and also brought up the ethernet LAN via USB on the Beagleboard through an Ethernet-to-USB adapter. I can see the Android home screen and browse the internet as well.

However, i am unable to get adb going between the host (my ubuntu laptop) and the Beagleboard. The network connection and setup is :

  1. laptop → USB port → RS232 → BBoard (can run minicom succesfully)
  2. laptop → ethernet → router
  3. BBoard → USB->Ethernet-> router
  4. and 3) can ping each other over the LAN network

On the Bboard console i get :

warning: `rild’ uses 32-bit capabilities (legacy support in use)

enabling adb

adb shell

adb: not found

On the host i do the following :
$ cd /android/sdk/tools
$ export ADBHOST=
$ ./adb kill-server && ./adb start-server
$ adb devices

I dont see the BBoard as a device

Can anyone please advise on what i am missing ?


hi, check first is abd running on your board by doing ps. then after
setting env variable (PATH or export) you have to try adb shell at
your host (pc), but not in the minicom. remember to use the same
terminal where u have set the export.