unable to JTAG eLinux image BB Rev C + flyswatter

Hello, new member. I am trying to get my private linux kernel up and
debugging in JTAG on my BB RevC + OpenOCD flyswatter. I have been doing
my best to follow the guides set forth:


I believe I am correctly set up since JTAG can successfully debug the
"LEDBlink" app and it appears to be working as described. However,
whenever I try and load my private vmlinux, it always fails in the first
code section, akin to:

    (gdb) load vmlinux
    Loading section .head.text, size 0x180 lma 0xc0008000
    Loading section .text, size 0x202b2c lma 0xc0008180
    Load failed

The OpenOCD window is warning me with a 'write failed' at that address.
The specific kernel I am trying to load is:

    Image Name: Linux-3.1.0-rc3-11175-gb148d76-d
    Created: Mon Aug 29 08:39:19 2011
    Image Type: ARM Linux Kernel Image (uncompressed)
    Data Size: 3516988 Bytes = 3434.56 kB = 3.35 MB

I stripped out as much as I could to make the image smaller, thinking it
was a size problem, but I don't think that is it. My next steps are to
debug into the OpenOCD code trying to figure out why the writes are
failing but thinking it is something simple the group could help spot.

Was hoping for some additional pointers and possible new directions to
look. Thanks.