Unable to SSH into BeagleBone enhanced

I’m posting here as there for the BBE as there doesn’t seem to be a Forum for it and BBB probably the closest thing to it.

So I’m trying to SSH into the BBE and I keep Getting the Connection Timed Out error. The BBE is flashed with Debian 9.4 and when I use my BBB with the same flash and USB cable I have no issues connecting via SSH.
I am also able to connect serially into the BBE and the IP address I am using is definitely correct (should be but i did double check this via ifconfig). I have also had no luck after I’ve disabled the ufw firewall, created a static IP address.
Might also be noteworthy that I am unable to connect to the IP address over my browser. But this also works fine when trying it with the BBB.

Any other ideas as to what could be the issue?