unable to start with BB ai-64

Hi everyone.
I just got my hands on beaglebone ai-64.as i connected it to my PC,there is no START.HTM file to get started.
What do i do?

Hi @shivi0517 what’s your goal? Are you using the out of box image?

It’s recommended to upgrade to this snapshot: ARM64 - Debian 11.x (Bullseye) - Monthly Snapshots - 2023-10-07

All the documents are on the web now: BeagleBone AI-64 — BeagleBoard Documentation


Hi @RobertCNelson .
I think you did not understand me properly.
I just got my board delivered today.On the guide it said connect it to your PC and it will appear as storage device from where i was supposed to run a START.HTM file for getting started.That file is not there in the first place.So what do i do now.
How do i get started?

Please Download this image: BBAI64 11.8 2023-10-07 10GB eMMC TI EDGEAI Xfce Flasher - BeagleBoard

Use Etcher.io to write that image to a microSD card: https://etcher.balena.io/

Plug microSD into BBAI-64… Plug in power, with two fingers, hold “BOOT”, toggle “RST”, let off “BOOT”… The LED’s should start a BattleStar Cyclon sequence…



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