unable to use github 2fa with openbeagle.org

Since we moved from git.beagleboard.org to openbeagle.org I am unable to do anything with the web interface. I authenticate with 2fa github account, but once I authenticate, i always end up in " Register a one-time password authenticator Use a one-time password authenticator on your mobile device or computer to enable two-factor authentication (2FA)." which mandates a “current password” - i don’t want one. I am not sure if others have the same problem.

@jkridner @lorforlinux do we have any way to fix this?

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i’m not sure we can fix en masse. i think we need to invalidate all the existing 2FA if we want to do it all at once. let me try to do it for Nishanth and see if he’s able to get in.

overall, we are enforcing 2FA due to your recommendation to reduce gitlab-runner abuse. if it works for @Nishanth_Menon , then i think we can find some way to reset them all.

We might as well just disable 2FA wait a month or two, watching for ci abusers.

as long as we don’t do another git.beagleboard.orgopenbeagle.org we should be fine…


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I hope other users will report issues here. I think @G_Scott might also be having issues.