Understanding the BBB boot process and how to flash

Hello BBB-hackers!

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Im trying to understand how the boot process works and how to flash an am335x-based design. This raises some questions:

Reading around I get the impression that the SPL-file named “MLO” should be stored at mmcblk0p1. I cant find it there (or

the big/regular uboot img either). Where should I look? My BBB boots fine, so it has to be somewhere.

When monitoring UART0 at boot, the SPL says “bad magic”. But it still boots. Still an untouched BBB. Any good reason for


I have installed uniflash in an atempt to understand how to boot from USB0 as a part of flashing a fresh am335x-design. The

BBB enumenrates as expected when powered with S2 pressed (and has proper static IP’s assigned to all instances of the RNDIS

driver), but there is no noise in the uniflash (the UART0 sometimes shows “CCCCCCCC”). Any ideas? I have tried openboot

aswell, and it does not seem to lease any IP to the BBB

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